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- (Cayce on friends) there are obligations, there are duties that are combined with such associations - make of thyself - a help, a savior, an aid, a hope for many.
- realize that it isn't all of life to live, in one experience.

(3483-1) Begin with the study of self, which may be best done by suggestive forces to the body through hypnosis.

(2583-1) For ye are gods. Find self. Find what is thy purpose in the earth. The division that is within thine own person, as indicated by thy being alive.

(987-4) These become hard at times for the individual to visualize; that the mental and soul may manifest without a physical vehicle. Yet in the deeper meditations, in those experiences when those influences may arise when the Spirit of the Creative Force, the universality of soul, of mind - not as material, not as judgments, not in time and space but of time and space - may become lost in the Whole, instead of the entity being lost in the maze of confusing influences - then the soul visions arise in the meditations. And the centers becoming attuned to the vibrations of the bodily force, these give a vision of that as may be to the entity an outlet for the self-expressions.

- Keep in the way that is arising before thee - open thy consciousness - there will arise more and more the white light. For He is the light!

(1650-1) For the Lord hath knowledge of thee, for thou art a portion, - yes, each soul! Ye become not aware of thy pulse beat until disturbances arise. So in the heart and mind of thy Maker, thy Creator, when thou art disturbed He becomes aware of thy disturbing forces.

(2409-1) Let the financial be the result of honest, sincere desire to be and to live so that others may know the way also.
- All spirit being one spirit.

(3744-4) (On Evolution) There are, as we find, only three creations: matter, force, and mind.
- Many times has the evolution of the earth reached the stage of development as it has today, and then sank again.

(5756-3) There is in the conscious physical world every - every - pattern of the spiritual world, and these may be illustrated when lessons are drawn aright from same.

(5756-4) For things spiritual and things material are but those same conditions raised to a different condition of the same element.
- The superconscious mind, or the spirit.
- The subconscious mind never forgets - and (after death) is then as the conscious mind of the soul.
- (The "moods" make one receptive as a spirit channel.
- When under stress, the communication or the appearance of the soul body is in contact with the individual mind.
- (Levitation is brought about by the) active principle of the individual - yet controlled by that cosmic consciousness.
- (One must expand the consciousness beyond Earth's gravity.}

(5748-6) Only those who have been called may truly understand. Who then has been called? Whosoever will make himself a channel may be raised to that of a blessing that is all that entity-body is able to comprehend. Who, having his whole measure full, would desire more does so to his own undoing.

(1776-1) In thy dealings with thy fellow man, ye may see only the pure, the good! Look for good and ye will find it.

(3548-1) Cayce gave November 1 or October 31 as the anniversary of Noah's Flood.
- Time never was when there was not a Christ and not a Christ Consiousness, Cayce declared.
- As ye have seen Him go, so will He return again.
- There are in truth no incurable conditions.
- Psychic abilities seems to come to every other generation of the Cayces.

(5749-7) Birth of Jesus was on January 6th!

(3676-1) Wet cell gold in distilled water: one day attaching the small plate to the third cervical, the next day to the ninth dorsal, and the next day to the fourth lumbar.
- There are the three centers through which there is the activity of the kundalini forces that act as suggestions to the spiritual forces for distribution through the seven centers of the body.

(3599-1) Pork causes arthritis.

(1264-1) Any bromide is later harmful.

(996-12) Atlantis will be found south and west of Bimini.

(2524-5) Osteopathy and hydrotherapy come nearer to being the basis of all needed treatments for physical disabilities.

(5125-1) Never wear a great deal of jewelry - it doesn't fit the universality of mind.

(2648-1) - Oil exists all across America along a line from Monterey in Mexico to Concord, New Hampshire in the Hickory Sands formation, 2400-3000 ft. in Texas.

(440-5) - The Ohlms, before the Incas (now called the Olmecs)

(3352-1) You know you must eat a certain amount of dirt, else you'll never get well balanced.

(573-1) Birthmarks are for a purpose. A mark! Almost caused or averted tragedies.

(1100-26) Purpose as is indicated in the palm of the right hand.

(1406-1) Auras of red, green, and white can be trusted. Loe, leaden or dark red, these are as dangers.

(275-29) Burial: ideal is that it may be hermetically sealed, or by fire, or by the separation of the atmosphere from the body.

(3684-1) Nothing happens by chance - it is purely karma. Paralysis: the breaking of cellular forces in the brain. Jesus, as ye call Him, the Light - as He is in the mind and soul of individual entities.

(5242-1) Overcome timidity by having something particular to say. Change environment also. Dare to be different.

(416-17) Do not take any carbonated drinks - to clear kidneys.

(1148-1) Tea made from watermelon seed for kidney affectations, and to alleviate the quantities of water that accumulate through the abdominal area. Crack the kernel, and steep for two weeks in enamel or covered crock.

(3063-1) There is so much good in the worst of us.

(3335-1) Study in self.

(3395-2) All illness is sin.

(3539-1) Smoking in moderation could be helpful - to excess it's very harmful.

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Saludos teresita tengo muchos años estudiando la vida de este extraordinario hombre hay muy poco material en español soy medico y me interesa saber mas a cerca de lo que escribio te agradeceria tu ayuda